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Rapido accepts goods for carriage on the terms and conditions set out below. These conditions supersede any other terms and conditions.

1. Descriptions shown in brochures and advertisements are correct at the time of going to press, error and omissions excepted. They are liable to alteration at any time without notice.

2. We may revise prices without notice. Prices will be those ruling at the time of delivery. Any invoice query should be made in writing within ten days of the date of invoice. All prices exclude tolls and VAT which is due at the rate currently in force. Quotations and estimates remain current for one month.

3. If a quotation is given it is a firm price for the job subject to these terms and conditions. An estimate is our best estimate of the final cost but may be subject to fluctuation due to the exigencies of the job, which may be difficult or impossible to forsee.

4. All accounts are payable within thirty days of invoice date. For cash transactions payment will be required on collection or delivery of the goods or within seven days of invoice date.

5. Any invoice not paid in full by the due date shall attract interest payments. These will accrue from the due date at the rate of 10% per month.

6. We may employ or engage the services of a third party to fulfil a delivery, (on large deliveries over 7.5t capacity of own transport).

7. Where the customer is not the owner of some or all of the goods, the customer warrants that it is for all purposes the lawful and duly authorised agent of the owner and accepts the conditions for itself, and for and on behalf of any parties having an interest in the goods.

8. The customer warrants that goods have been properly described, marked, addressed and packaged so as to ensure at all times safe storage and transportation with ordinary care and handling.

9. No dangerous goods can be accepted for carriage.

10. If plant, power or labour is required for loading or unloading, in addition to the driver of our vehicle, the customer shall provide such at its sole risk and cost. Goods requiring special appliances for loading and unloading are accepted for carriage on condition that the customer has ensured availability at the point of collection and delivery.

11. The customer shall be liable for all costs, damages or expenses suffered in respect of unreasonable detention of our vehicle which arise as a result of the nature, state or packaging of the goods or any part of the goods. In addition time spent at the point of collection or delivery in excess of 15 minutes will be subject to an additional charge levied at the hourly rate for the vehicle.

12. The customer must arrange goods in transit insurance if it is required. Our goods in transit insurance provides cover up to a maximum of £25,000 per consignment.

13. No liability is accepted for consequential loss or damage, whatsoever, however caused.

14. In the case of Storage customers, if there is a default on our payments as stated in No. 4, we reserve the right to hold goods until the account is paid in full including any handling and additional charges incurred.


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